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Become Certified in Social Media Ads and Management.


The customer journey is changing faster than ever before. Can you keep up? Our brand new Social Media Ads & Management course is here to get you ready – with the chance to learn directly from Digital Learning and our team on the platforms you will be using, with hands-on training.

Virtual Hands-On Learning
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Aug 01, 2013
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Get Certified in Social Media
Advertising & Management

Course Overview

Develop true expertise and learn every aspect of Social Media Advertising & Management across 10 modules of interactive content such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram. Gain relevant and deep knowledge of social strategy, research and content from industry skills experts.

Taught directly by social media ads & management experts, you’ll gain knowledge from professionals who actually use these tactics in the field, plus how to boost and manage your social media strategy and how to apply the concepts learned to real-life scenarios with hands-on training.

*All courses include exam, certification and access to more premium content to maintain your certification.


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What Will I Learn?

Program Learning Outcomes & Content

Get the know-how, experience and the insights to be able to work and speak with authority in this face-paced industry. In short, you’ll be a skilled digital marketer, capable of building digital marketing strategies from scratch to give you the most industry ready certification available, anywhere.

Study using a dynamic mix of interactive lessons, videos, and downloadable tools, along with live sessions on the latest trends and channels. You’ll be awarded with a Digital Learning Social Media Ads & Management Certification, along with a completion badge from your instructor.

Program Modules & Topics Covered

Social Research

Module Info & Overview

Just who are your audience? What do they do, think, feel, eat, love, hate and ‘like’? And what do they think about you? Knowledge is power. And both knowledge and power are fascinating.

This module gives you the research techniques to know your audience, and cultural and industry trends. Every day the very people you want to reach throw up gigantic amounts of data. Without the right tools and thinking, it’s a critical mass of meaningless banality. With the right tools and thinking, you have insight deep into hearts and souls.

Delve into these tools and put them to use, including the new Google Analytics 4 platform.

Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

Module Info & Overview

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are powerhouses of the social media world. They provide you and your brand with the chance to interact with your customers across the globe at scale. But, each of them has unique features, analytics, and quirks.

The module gives you a deep understanding of how these platforms work, how to make your brand stand out in these different spaces, and why you need a spread of messaging across each to succeed.

  • Build an active, engaged and captive community across each channel.
  • Create compelling and clever ads that target your audience at the right time.
  • Use analytics to understand what your audience is doing. Then tweak your content to resonate in all the right ways.
  • Master the key features of each channel to advertise, strategize and optimize.
  • Manage each platform so you get the best reach and results.
  • Reach billions of social loving people every day!


Module Info & Overview

This platform is all about slick professionalism. It offers you and your brand unique networking opportunities in the business world on a global stage.

This module will introduce you to the platform and show you how to use features such as Company pages and Showcase pages, to create a stellar presence for your company – and gain a deep understanding of what that means on LinkedIn.

You will understand the unique advertising features and content formats on offer such as Text ads, Sponsored ads, Sponsored InMails, Display ads, and the aptly named Dynamic ads. See what best practice means on this platform, strategize like a CEO and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Linkedin

can be a tricky platform to master as the tone is hard to crack. But, do Linkedin well and your competitors will be scrambling to copy you! You’ve got this – because we do.

Social Apps

Module Info & Overview

If you’re looking to create a buzz online, then social apps are the place to be. Think fun, engaging, and ‘out of the box’ as that’s what these platforms are made for and audiences flock to them (particularly a young demographic).

Discover how to use TikTok, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Twitch to tune into your audience effectively. Take a dive into features and understand how to manage content to make the most of everything you post.

You’ll also understand how to advertise on the apps that suit your brand. Plus, take inspiration from the best by seeing what campaigns worked and why, so you can TikTok your way to social success.

Social Customer Service

Module Info & Overview

One of the best dynamics of social media is how it manages to be collective – the thoughts of billions – yet also personal (it’s about what I ‘like’). This leaves scope for important personal interaction – meaning social customer service is an opportunity for your brand to stand out.

This module examines the customer experience. It looks at how to break your audience down into buyer personas so you know them better – and so serve them better. It shows you which platforms do service best and how.

Need a social customer service strategy? – no problem. Want to understand how to manage social customer service effectively? – that’s easy. Not sure how to measure and analyze customer service performance? – well, you will now!

This module focuses on your customer’s happiness so you can build a contented online community. An audience that feels connected to your brand, so they’ll tell everyone else how great it really is.

Social Content

Module Info & Overview

Facebook kittens. Twitter debates. Instagram filters. People can’t get enough content on social media – so better content means better opportunities.

So, what does your audience want to see, like and share? With streamlined planning, clever strategy and targeted scheduling, putting the right content in front of the right people is no longer a shot in the dark!

Now, you can create amazing content formats that capture the attention of audiences across all social platforms. You can strategize and plan using cutting-edge tools that make your channels stand out from all the others. This module covers the various content formats across platforms, the power and practice of scheduling content and how you can bring it all together with super strategies.


Module Info & Overview

Twitter marches to its own drum in the social media world – less post and wait, more what’s happening right now. It’s a platform that allows your audience to see, report and comment on world events in almost real-time.

It’s also a place where the audience is young, wealthy and educated. Twitter literally challenges you to be ‘more clever’, and this module shows you how.

  • What a successful Twitter account looks and acts like.
  • How to use Twitter Ads Manager to advertise effectively.
  • The right Twitter Ad format for your campaign.
  • Using Twitter Analytics to react and connect better.
  • How to create more Tweet-friendly content – snappy, shareable and
  • short.
  • When to post for maximum impact and engagement.

YouTube & Social Media

Module Info & Overview

YouTube because you have eyes to see. And a picture speaks a thousand words – and this being social, should inspire a few thousand too. Social video is one of the most awesome tools in your new bag of digital tricks. And video is no longer the preserve of guys with film study degrees.

This superpower is now yours, and here we give you all the tech and thought basics to make it happen, including how to set up and manage a YouTube channel and create strategies that don’t treat creativity like a buzzword. Learn how video sits within the rest of your mix across platforms, build your online audience and use advertising and analytics for visual campaigns that mesmerize.


  • Set up and manage a dynamic YouTube channel.
  • Get creative with social video strategies that engage and convert.
  • Learn how video sits within the rest of your social media mix.
  • Build and develop your online audience in a way that benefits your
  • brand.
  • Use advertising and analytics to deliver mesmerizing visual.
  • campaigns.

Social Commerce & Affiliate Marketing

Module Info & Overview

With so many eyes on social media, it pays (literally) to know how to market and sell your products online. Social commerce happens when an astute marketer combines the best of social media with the best of e-commerce.

You’ll explore the ins and outs of social commerce along with how to create a successful online shop. The latest tactics and tools will be covered so you can make social buying seamless from the first click to the last. You’ll also explore how to optimize paid commerce activity – including cart abandonment – to get the best results.

Looking for a way to earn extra money while you grow? Use your social media to tap into affiliate marketing – a great way to earn commission by promoting another company’s products or brand you admire.

When it comes to influencing, social media allows you to think BIG. Tap into the world of social influencers by connecting and collaborating with people that think like you. Or reach out to your influencer crush and shine a light on your brand by getting into their social feed.

Social Strategy

Module Info & Overview

So, you have the skills, tools, followers, know-how, tech, smarts and big ideas. Now learn to tie it all together with cutting-edge social strategies practiced by the world’s leading brands. And work out how your social offering sits with – or carries – the rest of your marketing mix.

Here we look at planning a dynamic social media strategy that works for you. We dive into setting objectives and social KPIs so you know what you want and can track how you’re getting there. Social media and content production budgets are also explored so you put your money in the places that work, rather than those that don’t.

Turn your social media dream into a reality by crafting a social strategy that lets you and your brand sparkle.

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